The Bay of Plenty Regional Council supports sustainability in a number of ways, including through supporting the Sustainable Business Network. We also provide hands on help with district and city councils to provide resources, tools and advice.

We are one of four cornerstone sponsors of the Bay of Plenty branch of the Sustainable Business Network -  a forum for businesses interested in sustainable development practice.  Members have access to information, resources, and expertise across a range of sustainable development issues.

Members receive the following benefits:

  • Access to information, advice, practical tools and resources.
  • Networking events, seminars, conferences and shows.
  • Topical news updates.
  • Quarterly newsletter.
  • Access to a national organisation with regional offices.

Visit the Sustainable Business Network website for more information.

Cleaner production

The Bay of Plenty Cleaner Production programme is a partnership between the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and councils in our region. We provide up to 50% of the funding each year. The programme provides free cleaner production services to businesses and involves working with them to help improve their environmental performance by:

  • Using energy and resources efficiently.
  • Avoiding or reducing the amount of waste produced.
  • Producing environmentally sound products and services.
  • Achieving less waste, fewer costs and higher profits.

The goal is to reduce the adverse impact of production and service activities on the environment.

The Cleaner Production Programme in the Bay of Plenty

Each business is assessed on their waste, energy and water auditing, as well as use of hazardous materials.  A report, including recommendations and guidelines with practical steps that can be taken to implement recycling and reduce wastage, is then provided for each business.

This means financial savings for the business, and a reduction of costs to the environment and to ratepayers. The amount of waste going to landfill and the need for trade waste water treatment is reduced which results in less power generation being required. Hazardous substance management can often be improved, while minimising the use of harmful chemicals and processes and finding non, or less, hazardous alternatives where possible.  It also gives the businesses an enhanced environmental image.

Depending on the size of the business, potential cost savings for the participating businesses has been shown to be from $2,000 to more than $162,000 per year.


Resene PaintWise is a paint recovery programme, supported by Bay of Plenty Regional Council and other councils.  It provides New Zealanders with an easy way to return unwanted paint and paint containers so they can be re-used, reducing harmful effects on the environment.

The Resene Foundation (a non-profit charitable trust), manages the programme.

What paint products are accepted?

All brands of unwanted paint, paint containers and lids are accepted.

There is a charge for non-Resene products. A small levy is included in the price of Resene paints when these are purchased. Trade customers do not pay the PaintWise levy and have to pay the recovery fee if they bring in unwanted paint or containers. This is consistent with the polluter pays principle.

Not accepted are paint thinners, solvents, aerosols or other materials. Contact your local council for disposal options.

For more information about the Paintwise Programme, visit the Resene website. 

Waste Exchange

The Waste Exchange is a unique service that helps businesses connect their unwanted materials and recyclables with new owners through an online exchange site.

Through the Waste Exchange businesses can:

  • Find alternatives to the landfilling of unwanted materials. 
  • Save on disposal costs.
  • Support community groups and schools by registering re-usable materials.

Through the waste exchange everyone can:

  • Access re-usable materials. 
  • Access information about local recyclers and regional recycling services.
  • Reduce rubbish going to landfill.

All Waste Exchange registrations are part of a community supporting the reduce, re-use and recycle philosophy.

Think before you throw: a visit to The Waste Exchange could be a better solution!